July 29, 2020 vipskokieadmin

Marlon and the Shakes Live on our Patio!

Marlon and the Shakes will be performing live on our patio on Sunday, August 2nd from 6pm-9pm.

The performance is FREE for our patio guests but weather permitting. Reservations and face coverings are required. Temperatures will be taken upon entering the patio. Once your first drink is served, face coverings can be removed. If at any time you need to leave the table, please put your face covering back on. Reservations are limited to 6 or less, and are given a 1.5 hour time limit. These are just some of the rules put forth by our village so that we can safely serve you on our patio.

Make your reservations by going to the RESERVATION INQUIRY at the top of the page.

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